Overview of DynEd Teaching and Support Materials

Deepen your understanding of the foundational concepts employed by DynEd, through our white papers, theoretical studies, and journal articles, and explore the full range of our content by downloading DynEd’s individual course documents.

DynEd’s award-winning Records Manager simplifies class management by allowing teachers and administrators to effectively manage the installation, lesson access, testing, and on-going monitoring of student activities. Specially designed for language learning, the Records Manager tracks, analyzes, and makes recommendations that greatly improve the learning process, reduce costs and increase student motivation. In addition, the records can be printed or exported into existing database systems.

DynEd’s Analytics application allows project managers and administrators to track and monitor the teaching progress of all students, classes, teachers, schools, regions, and cities. Analytics can help analyze and compare the study records, test scores, study efficiency, and overall performance, by schools, teacher, or center.

Teachers and administrators can get access to DynEd’s searchable online Records Manager Guide as well as the Analytics Guide and application. Please ask your DynEd representative for password access.